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Henry Jullien is an established French eyewear company with a 100-year history.
Manufactured in its own factory in the Jura region. Attention to detail, unique decorations, high quality, outstanding materials, and creative processing have attracted the attention of eyewear lovers who seek authenticity.

Brand Story

Since 1921, Henry Jullien has been highly regarded for its skilled know-how, superior materials and processing.
The Henry Jullien brand is a leading and well-established French brand of eyeglass frames.

In 1921, she built his first factory in the Jura region of France, the birthplace of French eyewear. Henry Julilen’s vision was to raise the profile of eyewear to the same level as the traditions of jewelry and watchmaking.

The team of creators and skilled craftsmen working in the workshop promise to make the daily life of the wearer of Henry Jullien more enjoyable.
A symbol of quality and perfection, each frame is designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand by skilled craftsmen under very strict process control.
The process involves more than 279 steps and takes as long as 4 months to complete.

Double Gold Laminate

The laminated double gold technology is not a gold plating process.
Unlike the base metal, the gold is more closely bonded to the base metal.
This process gives the frames unparalleled durability.
This process was developed in the 19th century and is still in use today.
The technology is still in use.

Antioxidant (sweat, salt, UV)

Henry Jullien frames are recognized for their unparalleled quality and durability.

Nano Studio Collection

The Nano Studio collection combines know-how and technology in the pursuit of light and elegant design.

Used in the medical and aviation industries, this special NANOFIT™ material offers exceptional elasticity and shape memory performance.

This high-performance material and patented screwless screws with low friction provide superior durability and safety to the frame.

The frames, which feature amazing strength and flexibility thanks to the proprietary R-Block leather technology, provide unparalleled comfort.

The rimless frame is extremely durable and easy to assemble.
Weighing less than 5g, the ultra-light frame can withstand towing up to 20kg.

Certified as a French Intangible Cultural Enterprise

In 2018, the company was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Enterprise.

This certification is issued to companies that have long been rooted in France and have outstanding technology, patents, and archives.

Quality Certificate

Certificate of Quality
Double gold frame content 20/000
Certified by the French Ministry of Finance and Economy in 2021

Hallmarks are □ engraved on each frame.

100th anniversary

Maison Henry Jullien 100th Anniversary

Maison Henry Jullien has been designing and manufacturing high-end eyewear for 100 years.

Since its inception, innovation and tradition, know-how and passion…
Past and future…local and international.